A Few of my Favorite Things…July

2 08 2010

1. I have been a follower of So You Think You Can Dance, since Season 2 so naturally this season I was excited for it to show up again and have not been disappointed.  Both nights are set on our DVR so we cruise through an episode in no time flat and often times have disagreed with the feedback given from the judges, especially this season.  But trust me when I say, if you are not a follower, maybe it is time you become one.  It’s on Wednesday and Thrusday nights on Fox.

2. Every time I see this ad on TV, I automatically think of camping as a kid on our family vacations.  My parents had one of those Super 8 video cameras and looking back at the footage is just like watching this.  I remember using the stove to make eggs in the morning and goofing around with my older brothers.  To watch the commercial, click the link below the picture.


via Coleman – The Original Social Networking Site.

Just seeing it made me excited to go camping with our friends this month, and if you recall I was sick the weekend before so I got to see this commercial many, many times.  We had such a great time making s’mores around the campfire, cooking “campfire omelets”,  and who doesn’t love sleeping in a tent (notice our is a Coleman)?

3. Kit Kat candy bars.  YUM!  I have been asked over and over what I have been craving, and I have a pretty simple answer, SWEETS!  Basically, I have always loved sweet treats but I have been wanting to eat them non-stop since becoming pregnant.  So, I have been freezing them and it is such a great way to beat the heat now that we have been enjoying the sunshine.

4. The Melting Pot has long been one of my favorite restaurants.  There is just something about the ambiance, drinking wine and having a great meal, often times with friends.  John and I hadn’t been out on a date in quite a while, so when I got a tip that our local Melting Pot was having an anniversary event, I made reservations.  Even without the wine it was a great night and we dipped our way to contentment!  Gotta love when someone else makes and cleans up a fondue night!!

5. I have saved my best for last: Shopping for a little girl!!  I started to plan “Ziggie’s” nursery this month, as well as, bought a few onesies our little girl that I just couldn’t do without.  I knew that little girl things were fun to look at, but there is just something about that soft pink and if it has a ruffle on her bottom, I find it impossible to resist!!  I have been eyeing this little number from Target for a couple weeks now 😉  So Cute!!!