Quickie-Favorite Bedroom Items

13 05 2010

So for the next few weeks’ Quickies I thought I would pull together some of my favorite pieces for each type of room.  So naturally, I figured I would start with a bedroom in this year’s most popular color, turquoise.

Here is our board:

And now for the rundown:

  1. Starting with the color palette, a gray-ish blue for the walls in a soft tone will give that calming chic effect we are looking to create.  Something like, , should just do the trick.  For the rest of the colors, dark brown, a light taupe and punches of dark turquoise will make the room finished with furnishings and accessories.
  2. A geometric headboard will ground the room and this favorite from west elm won’t disappoint.  Between it’s eye catching price and the symmetry of it’s lines, this will be a bedroom staple for years to come.
  3. The nightstands a just a bit off but that is what I absolutely love about them.  Since the headboard has so much symmetry it is great to pair it with side tables that are a bit out of balance.  I think the pulls add so much character to these pieces with out dating them for years to come.
  4. With such stable, long lasting pieces in the room so far it is time for a little punch of unexpected.  A couple of these chairs in a seating group just to the side of the room will look fabulous.  And if you don’t have room for 2 just add one with a little side table to create an “intimate reading nook.”
  5. Just a little accent for your nightstands with this lovely, modern alarm clock.  It is just the perfect amount of edgy with such a classic room.
  6. The bedding is from one of my favorite designers that I introduced you to a while back, DwellStudios.  This bedding reminded me of the headboard, but with a softer side in circles.  The neutral gray tone will look fantastic in the room of muted blues and that little accent pillow with the birds will pull the rug right in.
  7. Speaking of the rug, this dark turquoise lovely will nestle right under the bed perfectly.  I loved that it had the bird’s foot prints lining one edge that throw the symmetry of the bed right out the window.  Just a fun little nod to not making everything perfect-o!
  8. The window coverings needed a little softness, but still needs to pull back in some structure, so these panels fit the part.  The natural linen material often looks a bit messy, but the link pattern helps to create the form that it needs.  Hung from a basic brushed nickel rod these will help make the room effortless.
  9. Lastly, nightstand table lights will look dramatic with this full arc table lamp and the bright white linen shade will pull all the materials back into the space.

Hope you love seeing a few of my favorite items.  I have spent many hours contemplating that headboard!!  Don’t you just LOVE that chair?!  Anyway, if you are interested in a Quickie for yourself, stop on by and shoot me an email so I can get started!




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