Demolition Loose Ends

2 04 2010

Before I can begin the run down of us starting to re-build our little home, I feel like I should tie up some loose ends. We didn’t just scrape the ceiling and rip down a wall.  We were very “eager” to make this house our home so we tore into it deep and we did it quick.  Our thinking was if we ruin it now, we will have to repair it later (even if we don’t feel like it) so we ripped everything away that we planned to fix even down the road so we could have our fresh start.  We removed a layer of carpet from every room in the house minus the bathrooms.  Downstairs after the carpet was pulled back we discovered vinyl tile that had to be scraped off.

Once the flooring was all removed the baseboards and tack strips from the carpet had to be pulled off.  Since we had a Wonderbar the job went pretty smoothly.  In the kitchen we removed the 18″ square sticky vinyl tiles and all the cabinet doors (so they could be refinished with paint) and painstakingly removed the contact paper from each of the shelves, seeing as I am not really a sunflower kind of a girl.

This is my friend Sarah, she was working her first drill!

Just off of the kitchen is the powder room which we ripped the toilet and vanity out, sadly I don’t even have a before of this room because it was just too disgusting to peek in.  Speaking of bathrooms, the upstairs had to remain a working bathroom until we had the downstairs repaired so we only ripped out the freestanding shower and left the rest intack for almost a year while we completed other projects.  Let me remind you what we lived with for over a year–remember this is the room that made me exit the house halfway through our first visit it was so disgusting!

Our Original Master Bath

Oh bonus, in this picture you can see the shower we ripped out.  Let me tell you a bit about this shower…when they installed it they didn’t have backer board to put up the tile on so instead, they built a frame with lath (chicken wire) and poured 1″ thick concrete on the walls as the backer for the tile.  This made the removal horrible, dusty and extremely heavy since it is on the second floor.  Lastly, we ripped out ever single window covering in the place to get rid of the smoke smell from the previous owners.

This is our demolition pile the morning we moved into the house (photo taken from our bedroom.)  We had rented a U-haul to move with so before we piled all our belongings in the truck we decided to make a run to the local dump to get rid of some of our debris.  It really took up a lot of room on our patio so it was nice to have it gone before we had tons of people trying to move boxes in.  If you can believe it, that is an out of control avocado tree in the upper right hand corner.  Later in the year, while John was studying, I couldn’t take it any longer and bought a chainsaw and removed over half the tree!  Running a chainsaw turned out to be very liberating.  Cheers!




One response

8 04 2010
Sarah Beaubien

OMG! I remember when the house looked like that- I was there, in the flesh and now in the picture! I can’t believe all the work you did to make your house look the way it is now. The first time I walked in, I couldn’t imagine it ever looking chic, modern or clean! I was scared of all the work I offered to help with, but your ideas, patience and amazing design made such a big job look a little less terrifying. I learned a ton and I feel so lucky to have been a part of your “crew”. It just goes to show you, if I can do it, anyone can!!

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