A few of my favorite things…in March

31 03 2010

This month I have much to be excited about.  Here is a look at just a few of the things that made me happy!

  1. I get a ton of subscriptions each month and immediately look through the design related ones (basically the day they arrive) but the other ones get put in a pile to thumb through while I am bored.  I am rarely bored so usually that pile is pretty high.  In the recent weeks I have been taking some of that pile to the beach with me.  Now I have a couple new surprising “favorites” from that pile, which is weird because they are subscriptions I took on myself!  I am loving Cooking Light (anyone that knows me know that I can’t cook well and the majority of the things I do choose to cook wouldn’t be considered by most to be “light”) and Sunset, which has the tagline-Living in the West (so doesn’t really attract those of you not living in the west-sorry.)  Cooking Light has some of the best recipes that I have tasted in quite some time and they are surprisingly easy to make.  Who knows, if I had known how simple cooking healthy could be maybe I would have started a long time ago!  And Sunset features places I want to go and see along the western states, along with some fun local kind of stuff to experience.
  2. Pandora Radio is getting a ton of play time on my computer these days.  A few of my favorite stations are Taylor Swift Radio, Dar Williams Radio, Islands in the Stream (of the likes of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton), and Girls Just Want to Have Fun Radio.  I must say that I can’t help but bop to the ’80s tunes as they pour out of the speakers and scream sing along with the Pointer Sisters and The Bangles.  My favorite feature is that you don’t necessarily get the song you put in as the station and they mix the content up so you get to know new artists that are just up and coming as well as the tried and true old favorites.  Plus it is free (up to 40 hours per month) and virtually commercial free, so click here to sign up from your own account.
  3. I forgot how much I love Twizzlers since my friend Sarah moved a couple hours away.  This was a treat that she always kept in her house since it was “low fat”.  I saw them in the store about a month ago and thought they sounded tasty so bought a package.  They disappeared in a heartbeat so back to the store several more times to stock up.  Talk about good and if you have never tried it, dip them in peanut butter.  SO GOOD!
  4. Lastly, I am loving the return of spring!!  Everything about it.  From the dewy paw prints that Gracie makes during our morning walks while the birds chirp and the trees start to bloom to sitting in the sun on the lawn.  This shot was taken while we (Gracie and I) sat at the park working last Tuesday while the power at our house was scheduled to be down.  It was the perfect day for me to sit with my laptop and magazines and for Gracie to roll around in grass and play with the kids at the nearby playground.  It just makes me SO EXCITED for early summer!



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