Laundry Day

29 03 2010

I often think that the laundry room is the most overlooked room in the house.  We don’t think to do much with it since hardly any guests get a peek inside.  But as I was looking through pictures this morning I found an example of a little laundry room that was not just functional, but fun and peppy!  And best of all, they did it on the cheap.


Some of the high points to me are:

  1. The countertop connecting the washer & dryer together.  It is great for folding laundry without fear of socks disappearing into the void between the units as well as cohesively binding them as a unit within the space.  For just a little laminated countertop (available at most hardware stores) this sure adds a lot of bang for the buck.  And if you can’t find a laminated piece you could always go out and get a board and paint it a fun color of the top (this just makes it a little less water resistant than the laminate.)
  2. The floral skirt for the utility sink.  This is easy to create and hides a multitude of ugliness all while being a great storage for all your cleaning supplies!  It is easy to recreate this and without any sewing to boot.  First, you would need iron-on hem tape for the top and bottom as well as some Velcro to stick the skirt to the sink.  Voila, you have a skirt!
  3. The metal shelves are an IKEA purchase for somewhere around $20 each.  These are perfect for our space to hold things up high that you access a lot like the laundry detergent or in their case as a holder for a laundry chart.  Don’t you just love the little lamp they used as task lighting clamped from one of these great shelves?!
  4. Rods and hooks are a great way to store things within arms reach just as they did above the utility sink.  So a quick grab and you have a cleaning brush, a sponge anything you need and having it hang over the sink allows it to drip dry as needed.
  5. Lastly, it’s the little touches to me that really warm up the space.  From the rug to the plant, it’s these little additions that make it just a little extraordinary.

Now these little changes wouldn’t break the bank and would make such an impact in your home.  It is one more door that could be open for guests.  Tell me about your laundry room.  Would you want your guests to see it as is?  Does it have a nice pretty window for loads of natural light to pour in?  Does the gap between your machines eat your socks like mine does?!




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