Kari’s Dorm Room Quickie

24 03 2010

I got an email about a week ago asking for a advice on a college dorm room.  Kari didn’t have much money to spend, but wanted to save up and have a FABULOUS room when she gets to college in the fall.  Knowing that she won’t be able to paint the room we’ve added much needed color in other areas.  Here is a sample of a dorm room at college as is:

http://farm1.static.flickr.com/23/32598105_f7f7d1c0e5.jpgPretty bland, right?!  Nothing says “inviting” like some stark white walls!!  So here are some suggestions to livening up this plain old dorm room into a fun, energetic space.  Here is our material board:

  1. The color palette for our room is a bright one.  Most of the accents are in orange and pink.  The furnishings are all in either white to help them blend in with the walls so we don’t see hard edges and black for a touch more of color.  Starting with the loft, as most dorm patrons use them as a space saving feature, we should give this a once over with some white gloss spray paint.  It will do wonders to take it from rustic to feminine plus it will look great with the desk.
  2. The bedding needed to be bold since the bed frame was taking on the color of the walls. This bedding won’t disappoint with it’s versatile colors and simple pattern.
  3. What dorm room would be complete without a TV?!  So we have added a television stand that can store all those CD’s and DVD’s and will look great while doing it.
  4. For all the late night reading we have included a floor lamp with multi-directional lights.  This will be easy to have one for reading on the sofa and another giving the room ambiance.
  5. Since most people don’t think about where the towels will go, I’ll tell ya.  Mine hung on the back of my door for all to see when they sat in the room with the door shut.  So having some fun colored, fresh towels will make a great start to the beginning of the school year.
  6. Every room needs a place to sit and hang with friends.  Not only is this futon is uber chic with it’s detailing, but will pull out to make a bed for visiting friends as well.  And for the price tag sitting at $180 bucks you just can’t beat it.
  7. These little ottomans will really add a pop of color to the seating area while performing a multitude of tasks.  Not only will they hold your beverage while catching up on a little TV, but they also can provide more seating for when you throw big parties.  Now we are talking.
  8. Wall décor, should be fun in dorm rooms so I have added a few options to get Kari started.  The clock/message board is perfect for hanging in the room to leave messages for your roommate and vice versa.  Who doesn’t love a little moose head?!  Cardboard Safari makes these and I think this guy would be fun to decorate for all the seasons and football games.  And just keeping in the spirit of having something glowing on your wall-an ampersand all lit up.
  9. Finally, getting your study on with style (I mean you ARE there to attend school and all.)  Starting with the desk, this great parson’s desk is simple and functional.  In the white gloss color it will go great with your loft and help it to blend in.  This collection of organizers just add a little punch of color for the top of your desk and come in several styles to help you stay on top of your studies.  And a desk just won’t be functional with out a light and this one is perfect.  Trust me when I tell you it is a wonderful lamp, because I have the exact same one on my desk at work.

So there you have some suggestions to help Kari get started on her dorm room for next fall.  If I can help you with your own room, visit us at www.ma-deonline.com to get started.




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