DwellStudios: Designer of the Month

19 03 2010

I would have written up the intro on Christiane myself, but everytime I started it just didn’t seem to be as good as the bio that I read on DwellStudio’s website.  So…here it is.

“The founder and Creative Director of DwellStudio, Christiane Lemieux studied art history and fashion design before setting up shop in 1999. The Canadian native is inspired by travel (most Canadians are; it’s so cold up there they’re always on the road in search of sun), literature, the art world, and anything and everything to do with design, from flea markets to estate sales, design magazines to reality television. Lemieux’s most important role — also an endless source of inspiration – is that of mom: to two kids and Jake, the big lumbering lab who commutes to the office with her every morning. Seeing the world through the eyes of her kids and attempting to balance adventures around the globe with stability at home has helped Lemieux refine and redefine what DwellStudio stands for — and though juggling the roles of parent, spouse (she happens to be married to her business partner Josh), and working woman is a challenge, it’s one she adores.”

Just a little background to get us started.  Back when I made my first purchase from the line the company was known as Dwell Home Furnishings.  I purchased a set of bedding for my full sized bed.  A bed that I don’t have anymore yet can’t seem to part with the sheets since they were so fantastic.  Back then they were known for their innovative lines of bedding, but quickly expanded their collection to include everything from tabletop to baby and kid accessories.  In 2007, the company was renamed DwellStudio as an overarching brand to unite the various lines they had started to include.

Just so you all know, this wasn’t my bedding but it is some that I wouldn’t mind having!  The brand has quickly become known for their signature use of color and their commitment to the highest quality goods.  As they have mentioned, “every season we gather inspiration from all over the place-fashion, architecture, travel, flea markets and we post it all around the studio until our ideas become concrete…it’s a visual feast.”

When describing how she comes up with her concepts for a collection she said it was pretty spontaneous.  The concept usually comes together organically just the way it did for the Abstractions line.  She was on a trip to Paris and everything she saw was fluid, handmade and looked very fresh.  From the windows at Yves St Laurent to an art show at the Musee D’Orsay-people were soft of over computer artwork.

DwellStudio Private Label retails in over 300 stores nationwide that offers some amazing graphic designs.  You can also order them online if you don’t have a store near you.  Here is a few of the items they have designed to show you how amazing their stuff really is:

As Dara Caponigro (formerly the style director for Domino Magazine) once said, “Christiane figures out the trends before everyone else does.  She delivers modern designs to people who don’t even know they want modern designs.”  This success at being a trendsetter is what led Target to offer her goods in their stores.  They saw the mass-market appeal  in Ms. Lemieux’s brand of modern designs and wanted a piece of it.  Here is a sampling of what DwellStudio for Target includes:

These days you can find DwellStudio designs in any price range.  At Target you can get a 200-thread count crib set for $79.99, while a similarly designed 300 thread count set at specialty stores retails for $385.  Both lines include the same geometrics, abstract florals and fresh interpretations of old-world motifs as you can see.  There is even an option for stationary at TinyPrints.com.

As you can see from the multitude of options DwellStudios offers you can certainly find something to fall in love with.  I will leave you with a advice that Christiane has given to people who feel “stuck” when it comes to decorating a space: MIX IT UP.  There are no RULES.  Your personality will make for the best space.




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13 05 2010
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