Design Quickie Inspiration-Facets (Architectural)

10 03 2010

Today’s quickie is inspired by an architectural trend that I have seen popping up.  Literally.  Facets are an incredibly dynamic look that come to life either 3 dimensionally or create a look as if they were 3 dimensional.  A facet is defined as a divided plane surface (think diamond ring.)  Here is the inspiration trend we are following:

So for today’s quickie I have filled a design board with a complete dining room look with all things faceted.  I wanted to challenge myself since the style we are following tends to be more modern in direction, I have decided to take it in a more traditional classic style for our quickie.

And here is our material board:

Now for the rundown of what everything is:

  1. For our color palette, since we are moving in a decidedly more traditional way, a subtle blue would be nice for the walls.  My suggestion would be Dunn Edwards/ #DE5799 Snow Lodge.  It has a nice soft hue to pick up colors in the artwork without replicating the color and will look stunning with the wood finish.  I think it would be nice to trim the room in a nice, clean off-white color.  Ralph Lauren Paint/ #UL45 Modern Studio, is a nice creamy neutral that will look fantastic with all the rooms’ white accessories.
  2. These extraordinary lamps will add sparkle to the room with their antique mirror faceted bases.  The height is a bit shorter than a typical buffet lamp but since the buffet sits higher than normal itself the overall appearance will still work perfectly.
  3. Speaking of the buffet, this piece is unusual since it offers facets on not only the wooden drawer fronts but has fluted glass as well.  Its very traditional structure is brought new again with more modern elements.
  4. The faceted ceramic tall vase has a beautiful design and will look great next to the buffet.  We accented it with some bright yellow f aux flowers that pick up an accent color in the artwork.
  5. The accessories for the room should be in a pure white or chrome metal and pick up hues of bright yellow and soft lemongrass green.  As you can see in the napkin rings we have picked a simple, clean lined style with a soft green napkin as a suggestion of a direction to move in.
  6. This marvelous pendant light fixture is perfect for our space.  It has a full on faceted look while supporting the white accessories throughout the space.  Even though Le Klint fixtures have been around for ages they still can give a modern twist thus creating a classic, timeless style.
  7. This pedestal bowl is just a start for the table scape.  With the traditional design of the bowl it is updated  by adding the faceted edges.  It will look great with flowers, Christmas ornaments, or just about anything else you can think of to collect inside the bowl.
  8. This table was a steal!!  Originally $799 I found it marked down to an astonishing $399-half price.  Can you believe it?!  This is the perfect find as it has a very traditional but simple design aesthetic and offers the same facets that the buffet has.  The detail of the squares on the top is just icing on the cake in making this table perfect for our space.
  9. These wonderful side chairs will look amazing next to each other (two on each side of the table.)  The style of the chair is unique and has a wonderful nail head trim around the seat and back.
  10. These fabulous armchairs for the ends of the table will help to ground the look.  The oversized nail head trim really steps up the design of these chairs.
  11. The artist offers many faceted prints to choose from, but this one inspired the color palette for the room.  The artwork comes as a limited edition print that is one of 50 total that have been created by the artist.
  12. This is just a little fun accessory I came across while pulling everything together and thought it would look great on the buffet next to a lamp.
  13. Finally, these crystal cut votive candle holders will look great perched around the pedestal bowl on the table scape.  Spread them down the table for an elegant dinner and you will have a spectacular space to entertain.

I hope that you have fallen for the facets as much as I have in this process.  I look forward to hearing your feedback on whether or not you like the more traditional design choices offered in this space.  If you want to pick up a quickie of your own, click here to get started.




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