My Oscar Rundown…

8 03 2010

So now that the show is over and the tear down begins I would love to recap some of the highlights of last night’s 82nd Academy Awards.  First, I’d like to mention that I had a great time Saturday sitting in the dark, with my friend Molly, watching the AMC Best Picture Showcase that I mentioned on here last week.  The theater was packed with movie buffs to watch An Education, The Hurt Locker, Up in the Air, The Blind Side and Inglorious Bastards.  So basically my day went, “boy-she was great!! (An Education), Oh my gosh-I am sooo tense (The Hurt Locker), wow, didn’t see that one coming (Up in the Air), la-la happy (The Blind Side), and gosh that was gory (Inglorious Bastards).”  You guessed it, watching half of the films really helped to prepare me for sitting in my sweats, drinking wine and loving the Oscars last night.

On to the red carpet…

Honestly, my favorite dress was on Sarah Jessica Parker and it received mixed results as I saw her on plenty of worst and best lists.

Following a close second and third was Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz.  Both shined beautifully in their dresses and I really thought that Mrs. Bullock was the whole package looking vintage from her hair to the train of her dress.

Best ruffle in my opinion would go to Vera Farmiga in that gorgeous magenta gown.

Biggest suprise that I liked it would go to Rachel McAdams since I would never in a million years think I would pick a chiffon print as a favorite but the pinning in the bust and flow really made her a stand out in my book.

For most creative and unexpected, I am going with Carey Mulligan.  This was her first walk down the big red carpet at the Academy Awards and most women find the most frilly thing they can get their hands on (case in point Amanda Seyfried).  She went for something with a unique cut and detailing that would stand out.  Can you believe that she has forks sewn to her dress?Lastly, Queen Latifah has never looked so stunning as she did last night.  The color and cut of the gown were amazing on her and she just looked radiant.  Way to go Miss Latifah!!

Just a couple of misses that I would point out since my momma says, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.”

Charlize had on a beautifully colored dress however I just wanted to ask her if she seriously wanted everyone to stare at her chest all night? 

And Hilary Swank.  When she popped up on the screen I actually said, “Wowsa.”  That dress was just not elegant enough for this awards show.  My suggestion would be to keep it in your closet and when MTV has their movie awards-bust it out (no pun intended-whoops!)

Now on to my favorite part…the set!!!

These pictures are so much harder to come by as not too many people think about the elegance of the set.  Timeless was a term that kept popping into my mind last night and as I saw the shots again this morning, indeed.  For those who don’t know, David Rockwell did last years set and was invited back this year to do it again.  You might know his work and be unaware of it: Nobu restaurants, W Hotels, and Comerica Park home of the Detroit Tiger’s baseball team just to name a few.  I followed his work for several years now as he is a cutting edge restaurant designer and he never disappoints with fresh ideas.

What did you think of his set last night?  They kept the same crystal curtain from last year, but pretty much everything else changed.  Last year the set was very dark while this year it was for the most part white and glitz-y.  A few of my highlights were the lit staircase risers, the glossy white floor, the long pillar curtains that flowed to the floor and every one of the backdrops they used.

Tops in my book was the lamp backdrop that stood behind Robin Williams as he presented the best supporting actress category.  Wasn’t that screen massive that they displayed the John Hughes Tribute on?!  What about how the host rode down to the stage in style.  Mr. Rockwell my hat is off to you and your firm.  Job well done.

These are just a few of my favorite stage shots:

So there you have it.  Now that you have looked at it more closely, isn’t it breathtakingly beautiful?




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