A few of my favorite things…in February

26 02 2010

This month has blown by (no pun intended to those poor mid-westerners and easterners who have had blowing snow everyday this month).  I can’t believe the month I consider “spring to start” is right around the corner.  I just had a few things for the list this month, but wanted to share my findings with you.  So check them out!

1. For starters, who didn’t see Pink at the Grammy’s.  I have been a huge fan for a long time and I think I listened to the Funhouse CD on auto-replay for the whole first month that I owned it, but her performance just solidified what a HUGE rock star she is.  Flying through the air, hanging on silks, while singing your heart out (no lipsyncing for her) is just so amazing!!  She looked sophisticated and elegant down to her high heels.  Way to go Pink.  If you missed it, click here to see the video.

2. This is a new shop on the internet, Succenlent Love Designs, that sells gorgeous succulents.  The beauty is in the way they pot them, the plants they choose and the way they display them make these a great asset for your home.  Since we all know I have brown thumbs these are perfect as they don’t require too much attention or watering.  This bubble is customizable and I absolutely am thinking I need a few for my dining room.

3. I was in search for a couple little inexpensive pillows for my guest room sofa and ran across Hettle’s brilliant designs. These pillows are so cute, modern and FUN.  Usually a ruffle is too girly to get me interested, but she creates them in such a way that they are structured and beautiful.  Check out her online store to see all of them, but here is just a little sneak peek of what you will see.  LOVE them!!

4. Don’t try to rush out to your nearest magazine stand and try to pick this guy up because he won’t be there waiting for you.  Instead, this is an online magazine from the site Issuu.  Part of me LOVES it (the cheap part since it is a free subscription) and part of me hates that I can’t bring it to the dog park with me like all my other glossy friends.  (But don’t worry those of you who have iphones as they are working on an app to take it on the go.)  Anyways, the contents more than make up for the “online only” part.  Similar to Domino (which folded in April 2009) it takes a look at DIY projects, trends and fantastic interiors.  Stop in and take a look, you won’t be disappointed-however you might just be a little jealous that you won’t have enough money or space to recreate everything you see.  http://www.lonnymag.com/: first issue, second issue, current issue.

Hope you all have a great weekend.




One response

26 02 2010
Sarah Beaubien

Thanks for all the great posts every week Sharon. My friend and I have a running bet on who is your biggest fan. I look forward to checking my Inbox for your new blog. I have learned so much from reading your posts! My husband and I are working slowly but surely on all the things you recommended for our house. Keep up the great work and keep on writing!!!

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