Design Quickie Inspiration-Fine Art

17 02 2010

As always there are so many ways to find inspiration and this week’s quickie is based off a fine art print.  Many of you know that there are periods in art history, for which the artist studied and exemplified.  This weeks’ inspiration selection falls into the period known as the Pop Art movement.  Artist known for this period are Andy Warhol (think Campbell soup can labels), Tom Wesselmann (pop art collage creator) and Roy Lichtenstein (who created parody of comic strip subject manner-similar to the way Weird Al Yankovic poked fun at pop stars.)

The print is known as Ohhh…Alright by Roy Lichtenstein

If you are interested in picking up a copy for yourself, click here to check out your sizing options.  I personally love, love, love (!!) Mr. Lichtenstein’s pop art pieces because of the characters’ facial expression, the colors he used and the way he interpreted old print manufacturing by making large surface areas as dots (just blown up to an appropriate scale.) You know me and circles—can’t get enough of them.  Now onto the bedroom quickie we pulled together for this week.

Here is the material board:

  1. Our color palette for this week features a grey-blue for the walls with the accents being in dark grey/black, mustard yellow and a lovely burnt orange.  A nice blue-grey for the walls would be Dunn Edwards/ #DEC794 Salina Springs.
  2. The headboard is a fabulous find on that features a woven leather look.  The black will really contrast the light blue-grey walls and the texture certainly adds an opulent feeling to the space.
  3. The bedding took on a much more modern approach to help make the room less traditional and more transitional.  The striped duvet offsets the polka dots throughout the room (that were influenced by the art) and adds a nice bright white and some pops of orange.
  4. The pillows for the bed will create some weight to help direct attention and spread the color around.  The back row, yellow and grey diamond pattern and the grey spiderweb, help to draw a base and will pop off the dark background.  The next row, black and white circles, really anchor the pillows to the headboard and the front pillow is just a simple orange to draw it all together.
  5. These circle mirrors were just too fantastic to pass up.  Since the dresser is so long in this instance we needed 2 sets to complete the look but they add just a little whimsy to the space.
  6. The dresser is the perfect complement to the black headboard and will keep the room in that transitional stage.
  7. The nightstands (I suggest one for each side of the bed) look like they were a sister to the dresser but they really came from a completely different source.  The clean lines and simple detailing really help to let other details in the room stand out while not being overpowered since the black is so stately.  A suggestion for switching out the frame for your room might be this little guy (he’s even on sale).
  8. The lovely table lamp has a wonderful spindle quality that is found in traditional rooms but the black high sheen lacquer finish really helps it to stand apart from the table while the simple white drum shade make it a perfect addition to the room!
  9. I couldn’t find a yellow chandelier (doesn’t that just make you want to sing yellow submarine by the Beatles?) to save my life, but thought that one in the space would really capture everything this room was meant to be so…I found directions to follow to achieve this look.  Quite frankly, even the style of the one in the picture is appropriate for our space.  So visit, onmyperch, to see the tutorial of how to bring one of these guys to life for yourself.  Can you believe such a show stopping piece only put her back $15 bucks?!
  10. Last, but certainly not least in this case, is the art for the walls.  I would suggest picking up “Ohhh…Alright” but also grabbing some of his other great pieces to fill up the walls in your room as well.  A black simple frame and white matte board would pull all of the prints together and keep them looking simple and grouped.

So there you have it, a transitional approach to outfitting a bedroom inspired by a traditional fine art print.  What do you think?  Are you a fan of bright, vibrant colors or do they scare you off?  Need help picking some for your home?  Check out getting a quickie for yourself here.




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