Design Quickie Inspiration-Fashion

10 02 2010

There is a multitude of ways that designers find inspiration—one of which is fashion.  A lot of the time fashion influences design choices well before we start the interior of our rooms.  The textiles we see in stores, the use of embellishments and color schemes are just a few ways we see things out in the world and draw on them as inspiration to design a headboard or some pillows.  Manufacturers rely heavily on forecasting to make decisions about what they will offer 2 to 3 seasons before you see them in stores since production time can be so long.

This is the picture I used as inspiration for our quickie this week:

The fashion spread Swept Away, Instyle Nov 2009 featured many chiffon dresses in bright colors.  I chose this fashion spread because wouldn’t we all like to be in a warm climate riding on a boat right about the time winter weather gets the best of us in February?  Anyway, hope this helps you get a little warmer just thinking about the summer months.  Here is our material board:

  1. The color palette for the room is soft, yet bold.  The blue/green for the walls is calm and mimics the tranquil blue of the water which complements the bold orange and purple colors of the furniture and accents.  The white and gray add a moment of rest for the eye and gives a backdrop for all the punches of color that this room has going on.
  2. This table is a great tribute to drift wood.  It has a simple silhouette that is classic and clean while maintaining a modern vibe.  The lamp is a throwback to the cables on the boat in the picture, which is why we picked a satin nickel finish.  Also, the lamp adds great task lighting to the sofa for someone that wants to flip through a magazine.
  3. The sofa is has a nice square frame with a streamline effect.  The color makes it a perfect backdrop for the room and the detailing of the buttons and high arms make it a piece that will withstand the test of time.  While some might be bothered by the dark wood base right along side the side table that is a much lighter wood tone we think it helps to keep the room casual and chic.  For the pillows, which are a throw back to the sea in the picture you can find them here and here.
  4. The little orange side table/magazine rack is a fun accent to the room.  Shaped like a dog, it adds a little punch of color and a little tongue in cheek action to the space all while holding your beverage.
  5. The coffee table again revisits the driftwood color on the base and goes a bit more modern on the top.  The white part features drawers to hide all the bits from the top of the table to help keep the room looking fabulously clean and organized.
  6. We would suggest 2 of these orange side chairs, one for each side of the sofa if you have the space.  The pillows help to add a bit of texture and color to the chair; with the grey shaggy pillow mixed with the sleek purple one it balances out the bright color of the chair itself.
  7. This little stool works as a side table and makes a great addition to the space with its sleek white gloss finish and versitility.  By putting a little purple accent on top– some glasses turned votive candle holders it really helps to anchor it to the space.
  8. The curtains are a sheer that will keep the room light and flow-y just like the dress blowing in the wind.  Can’t you just feel the warm breeze?!  Anyhoo, by hanging them from the tension cable hardware it feels like the cables that direct the sail on a sailboat as well as keep the modern theme going strong.  If you need more coverage for the windows you could always pickup a seagrass or bamboo roman shade from Target to keep the peepers at bay.
  9. A sisal area rug is a perfect way to draw all the furniture together in the space and make it look cohesive by putting only the front legs from all the furniture pieces on the rug.
  10. The coral is just a beautiful way to accent the room and bring nature and surf back into the space.
  11. Finally, the wonderful floor lamp is a nod to the tension cables on the boat.  We like all the movement that the legs provoke and the basic white drum shade finishes out the room perfectly.

So there you have it. How fashion influences interior space.  We can’t wait to hear what you guys think! And if anyone else out there is in need of a custom makeover of their very own, click here for a quickie.




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