High/Low Quickie Inspiration-Other Designers Designs

3 02 2010

I wanted to take a look at where designers find inspiration for this weeks’ quickie.  Often times people don’t know where to “even begin looking” to find an inspiration for their space so they just start bringing in things they love and often times that is when I get the “my room just looks jumbled” comment.  As designers we know how to pull the room together because we know where the focal point is or needs to be.  There is a variety of ways that we get inspired to create a room and in the coming weeks I will be illustrating that via these quickie boards.  Now don’t be shy, just because I am working on a little side project doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love working on a design for you as well.  So submit your room to me through and email and I can work on that for you as well.

Now, for this week, I took inspiration from the picture featured below.

The original room was designed by Kate Hume, an up and coming designer, and was pretty high end in terms of price.  I thought the space had nice bones so I set out to recreate a version at a much discounted price.  Our version is similar to her set up, but would come in for around $3,500.00.  I know that might sound like a lot of moola to some of you out there, but the room features a designer chair and a gigantic table, plus the original I am guessing came in for more than $20,000.  We show what our selections would be on the material board below:

  1. We started off with a more muted palette than the original version, but still wanted to have some fun with pops of color.  So we started with a couple muted taupe colors, one lighter and one darker to offset the dark wood in all of the furniture.  The orange is represented with the chairs and maybe a couple of accessories to pull them together, but I really like the gold (that came from the stripe in the drape) to be a grounding color and would love to see more accents with the accessories in that dark gold hue.
  2. The fabulous pendant light fixture is one of the best finds in the room and for only $29.99 from IKEA, it really did light the way.  I liked that it was in a pure white finish and had the same downward shaped petals that the other lamp had.
  3. This simple table lamp is a great deal and offers a box-y white rectangular shade to mimic the original.
  4. I selected this console table because the “X” patterned ends added continuity to the room since the selected dining table had a sloped base.  I also really like the small details on this table with the addition of the satin metal connectors and the tray table top.
  5. Speaking of the dramatic dining table this selection offers a large square style (63”) at a regular table height of 30”.  The angular base adds visual interest to the space while giving us a solid, heavy foundation piece to focus on.
  6. The little tulip chair by Pierre Paulin is a classic style from 1965 that we can now get at a much discounted rate by reaching out to knock off distributors.  For instance, this chair original goes for around $1400.00 and that is before reupholstering.  We found these babies in several lively colors for just $369.00 per chair.
  7. These are a bit different from the original bench but a little cushion never hurt anything.  These will be comfortable for sitting for a long duration since they have some padding and they will look great with the table as a low seating option.
  8. A suggestion for an accessory is this vase.  Again, I would rather see it in the dark gold color but having a few pops of orange to bring out the chairs would be great too.
  9. These magnificent sconces are a perfect way to get a little bit of sparkle in the room.  In the original they are used to flank the doorway, but if you don’t have this set up then they can flank a mirror or could be used singular if that works better.  I will go as far as to say that the little bit of glitter that gets dispersed from these sconces goes a long way in making this room feel elegant.
  10. The wallpaper is a subtle version of the modern paisley on the walls in the original.  This is an organic, modern flower that leans towards the biomorphic shape of the paisley without really over powering the room.  The soft color choice of this pattern should add an overall calming effect to the room even though the pattern choice is quite busy.
  11. The lovely, sophisticated drapes are where we get the punch of dark gold and I think they are so beautiful!  They will really add a touch of elegance with the sheen of the material up against the walls filled with the same color background.

So there you have it, the first of many suggestions of how to find design inspiration and the where, why and how we build a room around it.  If you have any questions or suggestions please shoot me a comment or an email and if you want a quickie board of your own click here to get started.  So what do you think of this simply elegant dining room?!  Would it be something you would do in your own dining room?




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