A few of my favorite things…in January

29 01 2010

So I have been reading some general blogs for a while now and have found a few that I really enjoy reading.  Dusty at All Things G&D has a regular post at the end of each month where she recounts all the things she has found/enjoyed/experienced in the past month.  I thought I would try my hand at a similar post so…here it goes.

1. I had been mourning the collapse of such great publications for a while now. Great magazines that had been around for a long time were screeching to a halt such as House & Garden, Domino (not such a long production run but EVERYONE loved it), and most recently Metropolitan Home.  Then, out of nowhere, I found a new magazine this month, Fresh Home Magazine.  It is still pretty new to the newsstands and I found my copy at a local Home Depot, but I have to say I think we are going to have a great relationship.  They cover topics for the DIY’er about decorating, furniture building, the outdoors as well as what is new to design.  Pick up a copy, I think you will really enjoy the read.

2. Surfing Etsy the other day, I came across a simple necklace called, Two Names-One Love.  Now, I love the simplicity of the necklace with the little gem.  Beautiful.  The jeweler is named Simag and she specializes in personalized jewelry written in either Hebrew or English.  I have already printed a picture, hung it on the fridge and hinted at John that I would love this for Valentine’s Day.  We’ll see what he thinks and I will stand by with my fingers crossed!

3. This is quite a personal thing but I tried pad thai for the first time in January and am crazy about it.  Poor John has had to eat it several times this month already and I don’t see that stopping for a while.  I have always been a rice kinda gal and generally think long noodles can be a pain in the butt to eat.  However, I didn’t totally understand the power of the sauce.  YUM!

4.  Project Runway is back in all its glory-in New York!  I think they had an off season last fall and I got tired of watching, but when I heard they were moving production back to New York I was excited for the return.  The new pad they live in is spectacular (what cool walls they have), the cast seems to be fresh, and the fashions are going the distance.  Plus, what lady out there doesn’t love sitting on your sofa, glass of wine in hand, screaming at the television ripping on the designer’s right along with Tim and Heidi?!  I still can’t believe the dress above started out as a burlap sack!  I think this is going to be a great season and just a little guilty pleasure of mine.

5. Last but not least, speaking of guilty pleasures, the Winter X games are back (this weekend on ESPN).  As you know from Monday’s post, I am an absolute extreme sports junkie.  So you can only imagine what my weekend will be like watching snowmobiles doing back flips, Shaun White working the snowboard superpipe and tons of skiers doing some wicked tricks.  I can’t wait!




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