Megan’s Super Chic High/Low Quickie

27 01 2010

So a while back I was brainstorming some ideas for projects and mentioned to a friend that I was thinking I would try my hand at some high/low quickies.  When she asked what that was, I referred to a regular post in Metropolitan Home Magazine called the High/Low.  Knowing that they folded print a couple months ago I was missing seeing how they accomplished a similar look to a vignette they set up with a less pricy option.  Most of the time it was maybe a really, really fancy breakfast nook for let’s say $34,000 and they got it down to 5 or 6 thousand bucks.  I was thinking I could take a magazine photograph, research and find a similar look at a much decreased price as a quickie board.  Well I guess I had her at hello, because within a week I had this picture waiting in my inbox.

Now a little background: my friend doesn’t have a place of her own yet.  So what does that mean, you ask?  Well, that means since she is still in an apartment but will soon be laying ground in a new home it will be a perfect time to start looking for furniture pieces.  She figures this way she will have awesome furniture already when she moves into her, “suck the money right out of your wallet,” own home!  However, this does mean that there are no before photos and no space restrictions for this project.

Back to how this works, she had seen this picture in a House Beautiful Magazine back in July and had fallen in love with it knowing she would never be able to accomplish it in her budget.  That is where I step in and suggest this board chock full of ideas to help her achieve this look, all without breaking the bank.  Now how exciting is that?!

So here is how the quickie board breaks down.

  1. Our color palette for this quickie is a mix of celadon, apple green, turquoise, and red.  The piece that really brought this look together is #6 the patterned chair.  The original room has lacquered walls, but the walls need to be pretty much perfect for them to look smooth and brilliant as well that lacquering is a time consuming project, so a similar option would be to use high gloss paint on the walls.  They won’t be quite as shiny, but they still should give a dramatic effect.  This quickie is quite unusual because we ALWAYS have an opinion if the wall should be dark or light but since we haven’t see the space we thought we would offer up a couple paint options for the walls.  We suggest if you want a lighter color to go with, Dunn Edwards Paints #DE5521 Grass Root, which is more of a light celadon.  If you want a darker color you could either go with Dunn Edwards #DE5888 Luna Pier which is almost a navy or Dunn Edwards #DEC756 Weathered Brown.
  2. As for the sofa, this one is so modern and crisp we just couldn’t resist using it as the main statement piece.  The color sure gives it a pop and we think it will stand the test of time in terms of being used in years to come.
  3. This lamp is so pretty and almost matches the sofa to a tee.  We were thinking you could either leave the shade the way it is as white or you could switch it out for one that matches closer to the curtains.  If you are super crafty you might even be able to get some dye and do the job yourself.
  4. This side table for next to the sofa will look great with the lamp on it.  The metal base reflects a bit of modern while the wood warms up the room and makes this a great complement to this chic, cheeky room!
  5. Now we think this red chair is a great base for a somewhat surprising color palette.  The heaviness of the chair really weights it properly for the room since there is just a little pop of it on the chair next to it plus it give an extra cushy spot to sit.
  6. Speaking of the pop of red, don’t you think the cherries are great?!  This chair’s pattern really brought the room’s colors together.  We think that it has a fun modern shape and colors but it still has a nice sophistication with the pattern that was used, so it really spoke to us as the center piece of the space.
  7. This coffee table mimics the oriental shape of the original table but we used a muted brown since we had so much red going on within the space.  We liked this Nix piece but if the price tag scares you off check your local Craigslist and if you find one but it happens to be patterned, get out the paint, give it a prime and a couple coats and you would be good to go.
  8. This chair is a fun, classic piece that will help to balance out the room since the two chairs across from it tend to be larger.  But again that fun pop of red is not typical to this style of chair so adds a nice unexpected bang.
  9. To help ground the somewhat petite chair next to it we thought we would put this little metal side table next door.  We thought it was a fun piece as well since it too has feet.
  10. The pillows are kind of like the bow that helps to tie the whole room together.  With a couple of the geometric pillows (dk. brown and green) in the back and stacked with the Asian inspired dark brown pillow in front that has all the room colors incorporated as well as a botanical motif, these pillows certainly do their job!  This will help to pull the sofa back into the rest of the room.  We thought the little striped pillow could go on the upholstered red lounge chair (#5) to give it a little extra cush as well as blend all the colors together a bit more.
  11. These are the curtains we ware suggesting as they again take their color from a couple leafs in the patterned chair and really will look great with any of the paint options for the wall.  Our suggestion would be to mount them on a simple metal rod with classic stylized finials and either in a bronzed or brushed nickel finish.
  12. Lastly, we needed a big, circular mirror on the wall and think this one is great.  The wood is warm and looks wonderful with the sofa.

So there you have our scheme for our first ever high/low quickie.  If you like what you see stop over and get one for yourself.




One response

27 01 2010
Sarah Beaubien

Very cool! It’s like what they do in fashion magazines. Wear what the starts wear, for 1/4 the price. Great idea!

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