Getting to Know Me

25 01 2010

My name is Sharon and I am excited about design. Can you tell?!

I realized the other day that you have been patiently listening to me ramble, but hardly know anything about me.  So a little background: I am a designer, a wife, and mother to a golden retriever named Gracie. I am passionate about design, but also love fashion, jewelry, music and extreme sports. I struggle to grow flowers, but have a great herb garden (now if only the cooking came naturally!) I grew up in a somewhat rural area of Iowa, leading a very charmed life, while being taught strong values by my family. I attended college at Iowa State University, where I was able to study abroad for a semester in Rome, before graduating with my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Since graduation, I have worked in several disciplines of interior design ranging from model homes to specialty restaurants and have found them all to be creative, enjoyable experiences.

After marrying my husband in 2005, I moved to Southern California to be with him. A couple years later we decided to buy our first place, a 1960’s townhome that was really showing it’s age. Armed with a little bit of know-how and a lot of enthusiasm we started gutting! Within a month we had changed the layout from a 4 bedroom to a 3, removed all the popcorn on the ceilings throughout the house and even replacing a few ceilings along the way. We revived all the walls with a fresh coat of paint and laid new flooring throughout the place, all while maintaining our 40-hour a week jobs. At the end of the month we moved in, but we were far from finished. Since then we have taken on a slue of new projects including re-doing both bathrooms, painted the kitchen cabinets, built organization into the garage and have installed all new lighting. We still keep busy with our DIY obsession but the house is nearing completion after 2 ½ years. Trust us when we say it has been a lot of time and hard work, but we get a satisfied feeling upon completion of each new project.

When I’m not working on my home, I’m working on my business; MA-DE (pronounced mād) specializes in online custom home interiors. We range from small, inexpensive “spruce up your room” design boards we call Quickies, to full service detailed designs that a client can implement on their own. To see an example of a full service design click here to launch the MA-DE website. We feature Design Quickies right here on the blog so check them out to see examples of our boards and their detailed explination of how to pull the design together. You can even link directly to the website to purchase if something strikes your fancy.

So there you have a run down of who I am and what what makes me tick.  Hopefully, it gave you insight into what I find interesting and what you can expect to find on this site.  I will try my best to keep you up to date on new happenings in the world of design, MA-DE, and my life while having a few laughs along the way.  Stay tuned…




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