Quality Craftsmanship: The Sofa Edition

22 01 2010

When looking for a quality, high-end sofa we have gathered some suggestions for you to take to the store with you.  Remember, this is an investment piece that will live in your home for many, many years to come so in the words of Tim Gunn, “edit, edit, edit.”  Also, remember that this item should be something that you can see evolving with your personal style and not something that will be here today and gone tomorrow.  Think of a sofa as the basic collection of your wardrobe (the little black dress, if you will) and the throw pillows as the trendy part (the killer red heels.)  Make certain this is the anchor to your room that will be able to go many directions once you get it home.

Here are some tips for looking into the construction:

  1. Frame: A good sofa should have a hardwood frame (like hickory or maple) that’s kiln-dried, so it won’t warp or bend over time.  If the leg frame is metal, check all the weld joints and make sure they’re clean and smooth.
  2. Padding: Sit on the sofa, and feel underneath and behind your knees.  The whole area should be soft-you shouldn’t detect the frame at all.
  3. Springs: Eight-way hand-tied coils are the best-they’re securely attached to the frame and can therefore recover from movement in all directions.
  4. Cushions: The highest quality options are dense, blue foam core or spring-down cushions (coils wrapped in synthetic filling, with a layer of down on top.)  Cushions filled with just down are very comfortable but require fluffing up.
  5. Corner Blocks: Check under the sofa for these angled pieces of wood that are glued and screwed to each corner.  They help disperse the weight along the back and side equally, so the sofa is more sturdy and durable.

Quality sofa examples: Tan Tuffed; Red; Leather; Blue.




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