Twenty-Ten Trends

11 01 2010

Ever seen the show Hoarders on A&E? Gosh. That show does something to me. After an hour of watching it, I go around the house and toss. YEA for me–bad for all my stuff! With all my purging, I now have a few holes throughout the house that I would love to fill. So, I started researching what was forecasted to be making an entrance in the coming year as far as your home’s interior is concerned. I thought I would share what you can expect to see in terms of innovation.

These are my top five favorites:

Illusion and Fantasy

I am having this one top the list because everyone wants to escape what a grim year we just ended. I think this one in particular adds a lot of whimsy and will be found in the details. The featured rug is a throwback to our youth and reminds us to go out and have some fun everyday.

Folding and Pleating

What great bedding, wouldn’t you agree?  It is so unique and I love the creativity that just by adding a few stitches–a plain wool bedspread could turn into a focal point of the room.  This certainly is where form follows function and makes a wonderful example of how easy it would be to incorporate a few folds and pleats into your home.

Handcrafted Details

Knit one, pearl two-that is how the bean bag chair by CB2 is created.  What a great way to show your craft skills. This is a perfect addition to the list, because it can be done on the cheap! Anything from embroidery, crocheting or even handcrafted woods, with all it’s personal charm and not much out of pocket spending, this design trend is really emerging in the details. I think in the coming year we will start seeing stores stocking things that seem more homemade leaving our guests scratching their heads if we are really THAT crafty.


These bookcases were just too much fun, I had to add them in. Put in just the right space it can add some organization (or chaos.)  While this particular item isn’t probably as symmetrical as the trends would prefer it still gives a great example of the goal to achieve while incorporating some fantasy in with the honeycomb.  These come in lively colors such as orange and would really pop in a room.


I threw this one in because Pantone, the global color authority, released its color for 2010 as Turquoise. They usually know best because they really are setting a precedent for what is to come by telling manufacturers a couple years earlier what to be designing, so the stores can all be purchasing and stocking, so we can be the ultimate in consumers. It really is a cycle that all design lives by like it or not. Don’t you think it is interesting that when we go in style stages (think the pink and brown trend we were in a few years back) EVERYONE is offering the same look in the same colors all the way across the board from clothing to interiors? Luckily, the gem color is a symbol of healing, faith and truth, and it’s said to have positive vibrations. Just what we need to make a fresh start in this new year.




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