Bead It

8 01 2010

I recently took a beading class.  It was all very-come in, do what you want, I am here if you have questions-kind of a place.  This is MY kind of a place.  I don’t like feeling hurried when I am doing art projects-or anything for that matter.  Sometimes you go in with an idea of how it will turn out and other times you fly by the seat of your pants, and this place seemed to be perfect for that.

So I came into the shop with a plan of what I wanted to make.  However, the shop didn’t carry all the beads that my mind had seen as its palette.  So as other patrons came and left (in record time), I searched.  After almost an hour of looking around a tiny shop (it couldn’t have been more than 500 square feet-and I made laps) I finally settled on 4 beads.  I bring them to the front of the shop to the store owner and she says “next, you have to pick your chain,” I think, “argggg…of course they don’t have what I want in that either!”  So after almost 2 hours of making selections, I finally start making the jewelry.  Since the shop didn’t have the things I was looking for I was frustrated with the outcome of the necklace.  It just wasn’t what I had envisioned it to be.  I ended up finding a few more things that I deemed had potential and headed for home.  Later that night, sitting at my kitchen table, I made a couple more items with the purchases I had made at the end of the day, but kept going back to the original necklace.  As I was packing up the leftover trinkets, it dawned on me that I had found the piece I spent forever looking for in the shop, in the form of a chain link.  I ripped the necklace apart in record time, added the missing link (pardon the pun) and poof, it was perfect!

The same thing happens when you are working on accessorizing a room.  Often times finishing a room is some of the hardest choices.  Its finishing touches really say a lot about the people that live there and what is important to them.  Whether it be a pillow or even the sofa, sometimes it just doesn’t feel “right.”  My best advice is to: work with it a bit, leave it for a while and come back to it.  The solution will hit you like a ton of bricks.  Just make sure when you purchase something you know the return policy so if it isn’t right for you, you won’t have to live with it for the long haul.




One response

8 01 2010
Sarah Beaubien

That is so true! I have done that so many times in a store that I make myself crazy! I keep thinking that if I only look one more time, it will be there: the perfect thing! On other occasions, I will have something hidden away in my closet that I haven’t seen or worn in ages. One day one of my friends will come across it, put it on with something she is wearing, and WOW! it looks amazing. I guess what I am trying to say, is it’s nice to have a someone like you (an interior designer) who can look at some of my stuff, change it up a bit and then make the room look like new, using some of my old things and some new things you found for me.

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